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About Isopure Plus

Why we’re different

The protein contained in Isopure Plus isn't your run-of-the-mill protein. The most obvious difference is that it's clear—not thick or milky like other nutrition drinks. We start with high-quality whey protein, which is easily digested and readily absorbed by the body. Then we purify it to remove any remaining traces of lactose, fat, cholesterol, and gluten. Most nutrition drink manufacturers stop there, but not us. Years of research have led to the development of our Clear Protein Technology, allowing us to produce the only clear protein-based nutrition drink on the market—Isopure Plus.

Another distinguishing characteristic of Isopure Plus is the amount of protein contained in each eight-ounce bottle. While many nutrition drinks contain less than 10 grams, we pack 15 grams of protein into every serving.

But clarity and high protein content aren't the only differences. Perhaps what you'll appreciate most about Isopure Plus is its taste. Available in two refreshing fruit flavors—Alpine Punch and Grape Frost—Isopure Plus is a light and delicious alternative to everyday nutrition shakes.

How's that for being different?


Isopure Plus is a product of Isopure Plus, LLC—a wholly owned subsidiary of The Isopure Company. Here at The Isopure Company, we've got a long history of protein innovation. For over 25 years, we've studied protein and created products that help millions of people achieve their nutrition and health goals. Our continued growth has resulted in the presence of more than 14 Isopure offices worldwide—the newest of which was opened in Belgium in May 2009.

Our first major protein breakthrough happened back in 1987, with the development of a sports energy drink that was embraced by professional weightlifters, bodybuilders, cyclists, runners, and football players around the world. The launch of our health product line the following year, and the introduction of a meal replacement supplement a decade later, furthered the company's success—contributing to our acknowledgment by GNC as the second most-recognized sports nutrition brand in America.

Recent research breakthroughs led to the development of Isopure Plus—a superior source of clear whey protein isolate that is revolutionizing the nutritional drink industry. By using our proprietary Clear Protein Technology to create a line of clear, delicious, protein-based nutrition drinks, Isopure Plus brings innovation to a market long dominated by thick or milky shakes. Isopure Plus is enjoyed by adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages who can benefit from additional protein in their diets. The refreshingly crisp taste of Isopure Plus makes it the clear alternative to other nutrition drinks.

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